In an apocalyptic world where hope is scarce, a strange mutation spreads massively over humanity. 

Long ago, humans used to worry about two things: being alive or being dead. But now something different has emerged, a mysterious new state, an "X" state caused by an unknown and highly contagious disease.

Despite all, some self-organized groups are trying to survive digging through the ruins of civilization; while others, singularly well-equipped hordes of thugs, take advantage of the situation spreading chaos, death and destruction. Thus accelerating our destiny to an inevitable extinction.




My name is Randall Road and I'm Silver City bound. Weeks ago, several people from my group have disappeared and everything indicates that they have been abducted by "The Apostles of Hell", mercenaries that for unknown reasons are also trafficking humans.

I have been told a thousand times not to mess with this people... but I'm no coward, I will go after them, even if it means going alone.. better to die standing than to live on your knees...

Silver City is where "The Apostles of Hell" operate and is probably where the prisoners are.

Unlucky for me I've been bitten on my way to the city and I'm starting to feel some strange symptoms in my body, vision starting to blur.

There's talk of antidotes that provide temporary immunity to deal with the disease.

I've got to get some to slow down the mutation process.

This is not to going to be easy, yet I must do it fast or soon I'll become one of them.